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Check out this 8.82 Acres For Sale – Great Ocala Location!!

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Del Webb Florida Golf Course Home For Sale

Home For Sale Spruce Creek Country Club Summerfield Florida

an over 55 gated golf community with amenities

Best priced home on the golf course low inventory get it before its gone!

You’ll beam with pride owning this beautiful home set on its professionally landscaped golf course view lot. Six beautiful Palm trees for that Florida home feeling. The golf course view from the kitchen and lanai reminds me of back home in Michigan looking at the assortment of trees. Wonderful big corner lot that extends privacy and a shared irrigation well for low water bills. If you like your home light and bright decorated in the in vogue colors then this home is for you. Beautiful bay window in the kitchen and owner’s suite to let lots of light in. Recessed window in guest bedroom. This homes living room is beautifully accented with a white entertainment center that fills the wall and tile on the diagonal. There are two rooms in this home, which I call flex rooms for either more dining space, piano, office, or craft area. The extended garage can fit two cars and a standard golf cart. Kitchen area offers striking tile counter tops, maple cabinets, two pantries and tile backsplash. View pictures and video of home here. View here


Main Home 600pxBack Yard 600px

Price: $214,900   Print Features List Here
Community: Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club
Address: 13039 SE 91st ct. Summerfield FL 34491
Model: Expanded Madeira – 1759 Living sq. ft.
Total sq. ft. under roof: 2715 sq. ft. under roof
Construction: Concrete Block w Stucco
Built: 2003
Corner Lot: Golf Course – Trees – Privacy
Deeded shared irrigation well – low water bills
2 Bedrooms + 2 flex rooms for office, dinning, crafts, piano
2 car extended garage with room for standard golf cart
Gas heat and gas water heater
Plantation shutters front windows
Maple cabinets in kitchen – Tiled Backsplash
Two pantries one in kitchen and one in flex room
Dishwasher – Microwave – Washer – Dryer less than 2 years old
Tile on the diagonal throughout home except bedrooms
Three bay windows – Owner’s Suit, Guest Bedroom, kitchen dining area
Double sinks owner’s suit bath
High quality fixtures on all sinks
Ceiling fans bedrooms, living room, dinning, lanai
Built-in entertainment/book case center in living room
Pull down attic steps – Plywood flooring in attic
Gutters and Downspouts
Professionally landscaped – Concrete curbing
Six gorgeous Palm Trees

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Spruce Creek Country Club in Summerfield Florida shows good market improvement from 2013 to 2014. A gain of 9.74% on the median home price from 2013 and an overall gain of 12.12%. 

Spruce Creek Country Club Summerfield Florida Sales Comparison Data from 2013 to 2014

Year To Date  2013 2014
Avg. Sell Price 165,325 185,369
Median List Price 165,000 179,750
Median Sell Price 159,000 174,500



You Never Told Me – Real Estate Transactions one

Transaction Broker Relationship what does it mean for the seller and buyer?

99% of the time one will be working with a Transaction Broker when selling or purchasing real estate in the state of Florida.  By law in Florida all real estate licensees who sell residential property are considered Transaction Brokers unless a single agency or no brokerage disclosure is signed by the seller or buyer.  The questions below are based on a real estate agent acting as a Transaction Broker.

Can the agent who listed my home for sale represent me if they also bring the buyer?  The seller’s agent has two options base on what the seller wants.

A.  Handle the transaction between both seller and buyer where the listing agent does not  represent either party as dual agency is against the law in Florida.  The real estate agent cannot advise either party or disclose information  about either party to one another.  If the seller wanted to know if the buyer’s offer was a good offer the agent could not advise. If the buyer wanted to know what was a good offer to make, the agent cannot advise.

B. Tell the buyer they represent the seller and have the buyer sign a no brokerage relationship disclosure.  The buyer is put on notice that they are not represented when making their offer to purchase and assures the seller that their listing agent is representing them.

Can the agent who listed my home represent me if the buyer uses another real estate agent from the same brokerage?

The above A and B scenarios would still apply as all listings fall under the broker not the agent.  If two agents under the same brokerage were to represent the buyer and seller in the same residential transaction in an advisory capacity it would be considered dual agency, which is against the law in Florida. 

Bottom line make sure you know if your being represented or not.  Ask your real estate agent to explain how they will or will not represent you. Sellers especially, when it concerns your agent working with both you and the buyer. 


Is this home for sale or not?

The Ocala Marion County MLS allows homes to show for sale that have contracts pending with contingencies.  Contingencies can be financing, inspections, sale of buyer’s residence, ect.   At present our MLS has 215 homes that show for sale, but have contracts on them.  What this means is that the home can still be shown and the seller will take back up offers.  When you’re searching for homes on different real estate sites their data is not going to tell you if the home has a contract on it and that the seller is accepting back up offers.  The Homes For Sale Ocala Floridahome will just show that it is still for sale.  You will come across real estate websites that won’t show the home at all in their data base.

My Marion County MLS search engine will show the Status: Pending-Continue to Show when there is a contract on that home.  The best way to know the status of a listing is to work with a Realtor.

Is it a good idea to put in a back up offer?  Almost half of the homes under contract each month never get to the closing table.  The chances of your offer moving into first position is 50/50 once the seller accepts your offer.


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Frequently asked question about sink holes in Florida

Frequently asked questions about sink holes by the Florida Geological Survey  state government institution.  Below are a list of question the Florida Geological institute answers on their website regarding sink holes in Florida.

  • Why do sinkholes form?
  • My yard is settling—do I have a sinkhole?
  • I think I  have a sinkhole in my yard. What should I do?
  • Is there a government agency that will come and inspect my sinkhole?
  • Is there a government agency available to help fix a hole on my property?
  • How long does it take for the sinkhole to stop growing?
  • How do I fill in a sinkhole?
  • Do I need a permit to fill a sinkhole?
  • A sinkhole just opened in the middle of my street —who should I call?
  • A sinkhole opened in my next door neighbor’s yard…should I be concerned?
  • Will watering our lawn lower the water table level and thus, cause sinkholes to develop in our neighborhood?
  • Is a new construction site tested for sinkholes?
  • How do I find which of Florida’s Statutes involve sinkholes?
  • Is there a database showing all sinkholes in Florida?
  • Is there a safe area of Florida in which to live with no chance of sinkholes?
  • Where can I find available sinkhole information for a specific area?
  • Can a home inspector determine if there is a sinkhole on a property? Or determine when a property is more likely to have a sinkhole? (e.g., land near water, etc.)
  • Is there any way to have my property evaluated as to the risk of a sinkhole forming?
  • I am buying a house with a repaired sinkhole under the foundation. Is this safe?
  • I am buying a new home and I want to know if there is a sinkhole disclosure law?
  • What is the sinkhole risk factor associated with my area?
  • Our insurance company has informed us that the area where we are going to purchase property is listed as a sinkhole area. What does this mean? What can we do about it? Should we buy in that area?
  • I was denied homeowners insurance because there is a sinkhole within one half mile of my home. What can I do?
  • My insurance company has done sinkhole testing at my house, but has not released the reports to us. Is there a way to see if a sinkhole report has been filed on my home address?
  • Who may I call to obtain further information on insurance in Florida or to issue a complaint about my insurance company?
  • What happened to the Florida Sinkhole Research Institute (FSRI)



You Want To Buy A Home But

You want to buy a home, but don’t have your finances in order to really make that leap.  If your financing a home don’t go by what the lender says you can afford go by what your comfortable with paying out in bills each month.  Generally, lenders say you can afford a home priced two to three times your gross income.
The first step in your financial plan is to come up with the funds for a:
 Down payment
 Closing costs
 Out of pocket money to enter into a purchase contract
 If you’re paying cash for a home closing costs are usually under a $1000 dollars. If your financing closing costs can run from 3% to 5% of the sales price.
Getting the down payment and closing costs:
If you have a 401K plan talk to your employer administrator to find out if you can take a withdrawal for a down payment on your home or a loan from your 401k.  Make sure you ask about what penalties you might incur if you take an early withdraw.
Family members can gift you a down payment.  If funds are coming from somewhere else make sure you have the funds deposited in your account 90 days before applying for a loan.
If you’re looking to the seller to pay closing costs than expect to pay close to the seller’s asking price or even above the asking price if the home is price right for the market. Realistically no more than 3% of the sales price is what seller’s will pay and banks don’t like to see the seller paying anymore to approve the loan.
Meet with your lender with all your paperwork 
You have a good idea of what funds you will have available to purchase a house so it’s now time to meet with your lender.  If you own a business or your spouse owns a business and the other spouse is a W2 employee make sure you have all your paperwork into the lender before shopping for a home.  Have your lender run your entire file through their underwriter to get underwritten approval.  You will have to go through hoops and provide special documentation to get your loan.   Watch this video about lending if you only think you need to have a lender run your credit report to get a loan.
 Things to consider in your monthly budget when shopping for a home:
Your Realtor’s experience in helping you with your budget
Monthly P&I if financing
Homeowners Insurance
Flood Insurance
Property Taxes  (You cannot go by the property taxes listed in MLS)
HOA Fees
Pest Control
Lawn Maintenance


Your home’s title insurance and fair market value

Most people forget to increase title insurance coverage as the fair market value of their home goes up.   Homeowner’s insurance coverage is usually issues at the time of purchase and for the value of the purchase.  Coverage for defects in the title will be limited to the amount stated on the policy.  If your home’s value has gone up since you purchased your title policy it’s a good to dust it off and consider increasing the coverage.


Real Estate Investment – Investment Properties

The smart way to invest in real estate is to have a financial plan for the property you purchase.   I highly recommend buying real estate investment software to get started.  If you’re a client of mine I will do the reports free for you.   Real estate investment software will analyzes the return on investment to procure the property, hold the property, and sell the property.

The most important part of your real estate investment plan is your reserve account to cover costs for the attorney, repairs, maintenance, insurance, property taxes, HOA fees, utilities, vacancy time, rehab time, and market time.  How much reserves you need to carry per property will depend on if you’re carrying a mortgage or not,the condition of the home and if the property is a lease option.  If you’re carrying a mortgage and the rent is not coming in for 3 months that can put a good dent in anyone’s pocket-book.    I have been to several investor classes and workshops and the subject of reserves or should I say, ” protecting your investment ” never seems to come up.

Questions to ask yourself before investing your money in real estate:

How many months or years do you want to hold the property?

Do you prefer to buy, fix up, and sell?

Do you want to be in the landlord business or hire a property management company?

What amount of return are you looking to get on your money?

How does an investment property affect your federal tax return?

What additional state and county taxes will you have to pay that are not property taxes?

Are you looking for monthly cash flow?

Do you want to manage contractors to rehab or rehab yourself?

What is your time worth?

Where will your investment money and reserve money come from?

Should you open a Roth self-directed IRA?

Here are some great products and services  to get you started or if you’re already started a good addition:

Real Estate Investment software

Ten Deadly Sins of renovating for profit

Cash is King Cash is King

Investing in Probate Real Estate

How To Rent My House Guide

Doing Background Checks

Finding Investment Property on the Internet the easy way

Your Investment savvy Realtor Dawn Rupersburg at 352-553-3369


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Leverage Your Real Estate Offer With A Higher Earnest Money Deposit

Leverage your offer with a higher Earnest Money deposit

An offer with a low earnest money deposit is considered by most sellers a weak offer weather paying by cash or financing. If you want to give your offer leverage than a earnest money deposit of at least 3% of sales price will let the seller know your serious about purchasing the home. Some buyers think that cash is king. If someone financing provides a strong earnest money deposit than the seller is more apt to take the financing over the cash offer.  Search all the homes for sale in Ocala Florida

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Can The Bank Rescind A Short Sale or A Foreclosure?

Can a bank rescind a short sale or a foreclosure?  Yes.  Rescind meaning cancel the contract and restore the parties to the positions they would have occupied had there been no contract.  Can this happen after you close?  Yes.  Buying short sales and foreclosures comes with risks.  One of the things I do when I meet with my buyers is to go over the risks of buying short sales and foreclosures. I have a laundry list of items I like to go over with my buyers.

Banks Rescind short sales

Can you imagine closing on your home, moving into your home and then the title company calling you and telling you the bank has rescinded the contract?  Read about here in this true story: Bank wants to rescind my short sale

What about the foreclosure you have waited to buy for 6 months because of deed problems?  Read about the true story here:  The loss we suffered

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18 Reasons Home Buyers Get Declined After Getting a Pre Approval

If you’re looking to get financing on a home this is a must see video.  Once you review this video you will see why it’s so important to get your documentation into your lender before shopping for a home.

18 Reasons Home Buyers Get Declined After Getting Pre Approved »

Episode of Saving Thousands with Robert Palmer covering 18 Reasons Home Buyers Get Declined After Getting Pre Approved

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Preparing Your Ocala Florida Home For Sale

First impressions make a significant impact on a buyer’s decision-making process!

Once your home goes on the market, it becomes a product. Home Styling or Staging simply allows you to highlight the best of your home and de-emphasize its flaws. It’s not about decorating, but actually turning your home into a model, to appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers. The goal is to make people feel like they could live there, and the best way to do this is to “neutralize” the surroundings.


Try out these helpful styling tips taken from Setting the Stage – REALTOR® Magazine Online. They’ve compiled the best tips from stagers and real estate pros—things you can do for little or no expense—to put a home in prime showing shape.

  • Clear out closets and clutter—sellers can give away or pack up toys, linens, and small kitchen appliances to store offsite. Buyers are also forgiving of storage boxes neatly tucked away in a garage or basement.
  • Focus most on the most visible areas—the foyer, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and family room.
  • De-personalize the home by removing photos, mementos, and dated items.
  • Use plants in colorful pots or inexpensive wicker baskets to fill in empty spaces.
  • Look to home catalogs for little details on beautifying the home. For instance, group books, pictures, and objets d’art appealingly on bookcases.
  • Try angling one or two pieces of furniture slightly and move furniture 4 inches to 6 inches from the wall to create more interesting room spaces.
  • Put away large collections— porcelains, plates, and so on.
  • Remove valuables, prescription medicine, collectibles, and breakables.
  • Trim trees, prune shrubs, and make sure the lawn is mowed and watered regularly.
  • In summer, turn on the sprinklers for five minutes, 30 minutes before the open house. It makes the lawn and driveway sparkle.
  • Refrain from cooking anything that leaves a distinctive odor, such as fish, garlic, or cabbage.
  • Hire a professional service to clean the home, including the carpets and the windows.
  • Set the dining room table with attractive linens, dishes, and stemware.
  • Arrange fresh or silk flowers throughout the home.
  • Light a fire in the fireplace in fall and winter.
  • A mirror in a pretty frame can make a small room feel more open.
  • Use as much natural light as possible. Add extra lamps in dark rooms or corners.
  • Make functional repairs—fix dripping faucets, sticking doors, and broken fences.
  • Bring in another pair of eyes—even if it’s not a professional stylist. The person may see problems you and have missed.

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Is the listing agent working for the seller or against the seller

Is the listing agent working for the seller or against the seller?

Seller’s make sure your listing agent is at the buyer’s inspection
at some point and most definitely at the buyer’s walk through. Make sure they
confirm your repairs are completed long before the buyer’s walk through and
that the repairs are done by the appropriate licensed professionals.   I also recommend sellers be at the buyer’s
inspection unless it is an “As is” contract.  Here is my most recent encounter with the
seller’s representative who I feel was working against their seller.  The seller was out of state and the home was  vacant.  Is The Listing Agent Working For The Seller Or Against The Seller




  1.  Was not at the home inspection to know what the inspector found that needed repairs.  Inspection reports are great, but there are items
    that the seller or listing agent needs to physically see in order to make the
    correct repair.
  2.  I received receipts that did not show all the work was completed.
  3. Was not communicating to me when other repairs were suppose to be finished
  4. Was not at the buyer’s walk through and there was a gas leak from a repair gone wrong.
  5. Called agent to handle the gas leak for their seller and this is what they said, “ I’m busy with showing homes can you”.   You
    know the rest of the story.
  6. We didn’t close on the closing date because the gas leak was not being addressed on the seller’s side.  I called the vendor who did the repair and he
    had the gas company shut off the gas.
  7. We could of closed on the original closing date had the seller’s representative been at the buyer’s walk through and handled
    the gas leak with the seller at that time.
  8. The original closing was on Friday and on Monday at 11:00am I called the seller’s agent and still no confirmation of a company
    coming out to fix the gas leak.  I called my local HVAC vendor to see if they could fix the gas leak that afternoon and
    they could.  I gave their name to the seller’s rep.   Do you think he wanted to
    call the local HVAC company?
  9. The extended closing cost the seller more money and we closed 5 days after the original closing date.  We only closed because of my efforts in
    getting the gas leak attended to and not the seller’s agents or the seller for that matter.

It is not the buyer’s property or the buyer’s agent responsibility to hire vendors to do the seller’s repairs.   Sellers do yourself a favor and make a call to
the buyer’s agent to make sure their getting what they need from your listing agent so you can close.  Don’t ever think
because you have a contract that the buyer won’t cancel if they feel the seller is not holding up their part of the contract.

Sellers if you hire me as your listing agent these things will not happen.  I know what it takes to  keep a buyer in a contract and get to the closing table on time. (797)

Ocala Florida Closed Sales By Finance Type

Ocala Florida Closed Sales By Finance Type

Starting in 2007 Conventional Loans were the primary way homes were purchased in Ocala Florida and cash purchases were about half.  In 2008 we start to see conventional loans and cash purchases equaling out.  FHA starts to get more popular in 2008.  In 2009 Cash purchases were on the rise and conventional loans were starting loose steam.  FHA purchases started to climb.  In 2010 cash was king.   Conventional loans started to die while FHA loans stayed steady.   In 2011 we see a small spike in cash purchases while conventional loans stayed on track with 2010.   We see more activity with owner finance and VA loans in 2011 than in past years.  For 2012 cash purchases seem to be staying steady while FHA looks to be slowing down.   Throughout 2007 to 2012 we see very little activity when it comes to lease purchase.

What you should take away from these satistics is how financing impacts the real estate market in a good or bad way.   Conventional loans in the past allowed 5% down whereas today 10% to 20% is required.  There was a time frame I believe in 2009/2010 when you had to put 20% down on a conventional loan because private mortgage companies would not insure in Florida.   FHA loans went from 3% down to 3.5% and their private mortgage insurance increased.  Why has cash been so popular.   More than half the homes sold in Marion County in 2012 sold for 80K and under.   When the lending market tighten up prices started to drop.  Our  unemployement in the area  impacted the price drop.   Ocala’s Market seems to be steady in prices at this time.   We can see from 2010 to 2011 sales have increased and prices have lowered from looking at the second chart below.  These charts are for sales in our residential market not our farm market.  Click on the charts to make them larger

If your looking to sell or buy a home in Ocala Florida give me a call at 352-553-3369 – Dawn Rupersburg Coral Shores Realty where your best interest is my number one priority.  Ocala Florida Real Estate


Ocala Florida Sales By Finance Type

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